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Our Services

We understand how daunting the experience of studying in a foreign country without family can be for our young students and of utmost importance to us is our students’ safety and happiness. Our services are structured so that this goal is achieved.

  • Upon confirming our caregiver services for the child, we will provide parents with some important information on what they should be expecting in the Australian state in which their child will be studying in

  • Provide prompt answers to queries on the welfare of the student

  • 24/7 contact available via phone, text, email to deal with emergency situations

  • Regular face to face meetings with the student to offer assistance and advice as required and to ensure that student is doing well

  • Monitor student’s academic progress by liaising with school staff and if there are areas for improvement, offer appropriate guidance and assistance

  • Monitor student’s attendance levels to ensure required level of attendance is maintained

  • Sign any documentation required by schools on behalf of parents

  • Assist the student with applying for holiday leave, temporary welfare waive, etc.

  • When required, attend parent teacher interviews at schools on behalf of the parents and provide a report and feedback to the parents on the student’s academic progress

  • Taking student to visit doctors when their homestay host or boarding staff are unavailable

  • Visit the student at their homestay or accommodation to ensure the student’s living conditions are of good quality

  • Assist student with calling their parents upon their arrival at the homestay

  • Explain visa regulations to the student

  • Explain to the student important security and safety issues

  • Provide the student with an orientation kit that includes important information on safety and security issues

  • Assist student to open a bank account

  • Assist student to apply for a Tax File Number

  • Assist student with the purchasing of phone cards and mobile phone sim cards

  • Assist student with the purchasing of public transport cards

  • Liaise with the homestay host for the student

  • Provide a report to the parents giving them information on our guardian’s initial services for their child as well as providing contact phone numbers for enquiries on their child’s progress in Australia


From our past experience with international students, we often come across students needing further care and support even after they turn 18 years old. Therefore, we are able to extend our services to students who turn 18 years old whilst under our care to include the following, free of charge:

  • We will keep in contact with the student regularly to see if they require advice on any aspect of their life

  • Provide advice on rental accommodation and areas to live if required

  • Invite students to our activities and events


Our Commitment on Child Safe Standards

As a provider of caregiver services to young children, PSC’s primary focus is the safety and wellbeing of the students that come under our care.

We have a zero tolerance policy for child abuse, which can be in the form of physical violence, sexual offences, serious emotional or psychological abuse (including social media) and serious neglect and are committed to protect all students from any kind of harm.

We uphold and promote the cultural safety of children from culturally and/or linguistically diverse backgrounds and believe that every child has a right to feel safe and BE safe in a positive environment that fosters their full potential.

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