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To apply for caregiver services for your child, please follow the 4 simple steps below


Complete the Application Form below, attach student’s passport and offer letter and submit. 


Alternatively, please complete our APPLICATION FORM and email to along with student’s Passport and Offer Letter. 


We will process the application and send through our service agreement and invoice within 24 hours to the preferred contact email address. 


If you are an Agency, please ensure that you provide accurate business details.


Once you receive our service agreement and invoice, please sign our agreement according to instructions and forward us a copy of the signed agreement and evidence of payment.


Once we receive a copy of the signed agreement and evidence of payment, we will proceed with confirming our services to the student’s education provider within 24 hours.

​If accommodation service is also confirmed, then the education provider will usually issue the CoE & CAAW within 2-3 working days to enable lodgement of student visa.


From here, we will await confirmed arrival and accommodation details before allocating a caregiver to the student. Our services will officially commence once the student arrives in Australia.

Apply Now

Contact Email Address

This is the email we will use to send you our agreement and invoice

Student Details

Upload PDF
Upload PDF

Parents' Details

School and Course Details:

Course 1

Course 2 (If applicable)

Accommodation Provider Details (if available)

Agent Details (if applicable)


Thank you for submitting your application to PSC.

We will process your application shortly and contact you via

the email address provided.

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