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​About PSC

Recognized by top education providers in Australia, Professional Student Care is a guardianship/welfare services provider established in 2010 with the sole aim of providing dependable and professional caregiver services to young international students studying in Australia.

At PSC, three words underpin our everyday lives


We provide genuine and attentive care for our students and are there for them when they encounter academic or personal issues. We know that as adolescents, students’ emotional wellbeing is just as important as their academic development and our caregiver’s regular contact ensures that we pick up any issues our students are facing right away and therefore can provide immediate assistance. This high level of care assists our students in becoming happy and responsible young adults.


Our experienced caregivers provide invaluable guide to students in both their personal and academic life. Students are provided with appropriate safety and security information to ensure they stay vigilant and safe. They are also provided with relevant school information, lifestyle information to assist them in settling into Australia and their studies as soon as possible.

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We are able to provide support to every facet of our students’ life, enabling them to focus on their studies. Our students know that their caregiver is available 24/7 to assist them when needs arise. We are able to extend service even after they turn 18 years old with free advise and activities. 

Our History

We have been around since 2010 assisting thousands of young international students settling into their live and studies in Australia.
Our head office is based in Melbourne and we have bilingual caregivers in various Australian cities ready to provide your child with the care and support that they require.

Our Team

Our team of caregivers have extensive knowledge and experience in the industry of providing caregiver services for young international students, some with a history of caring for students for more than 20 years.


All our caregivers are selected through a rigorous recruitment process and are trained regularly to ensure that they are kept up-to-date with emerging changes and developments within Australia’s international student industry.


We are mindful that our students are from diverse backgrounds and hence our caregivers are also trained and given information on the cultural difference and practices of various countries to ensure appropriate support is provided to their students.


Some of our caregivers had lived in Australia as an international student themselves many years ago before building a life here with their family and now have children of their own. Therefore, it is not surprising that our caregivers show a lot of passion in their role and can offer guidance to international students from their own life experience in Australia.

Our Schools

We have agreements with many institutions in place which places minimum service standards on us so that as parents, you can be assured that your child is provided with the appropriate level of care and support. We also liaise regularly with homestay companies, boarding house staff and any other relevant parties to ensure student issues/complaints are resolved as soon as possible. Our experience and know-how gives us the competitive industry expertise to thoroughly support our students.

Since our establishment, we have cared for thousands of students and have proudly watched them grow and become responsible and happy adults. This is an extremely fulfilling and rewarding experience for us and one that makes us continue to work harder every day to better serve our students.

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